residential design

Upper West Side, NY

After a unique collaboration with Muriel and David Albert, that sustained itself over five different phases (balcony, master bathroom, piano noblile, upper bedrooms, ground living floor) their unique upper west side townhouse is complete.  Thank you to Anna Sawicka and Daniel Keller.

Photo by Thomas Allen

Photo by Thomas Allen

New York City

Frederick Biehle and viaARCHITECTURE were credited in the New York Times article “What I Love”. Julie Morgenstein, an organization guru and consultant, offered a testament for thinking (and buying) small, how her apartmenthad been renovated to “seem larger than it actually is”.viaARCHITECTURE’s approach- Porosity, Materiality, Interiority – fit perfectly in resolving the client’s needs.

Shelter Island

A weekend retreat at the Shelter Island house we renovated for Stephen and Kim Biehle. The house has three parts- an original kit-house cottage from the 1940s, a big room addition from the 1960s, and now our tower and bedroom wing finished last year. Oh yes, and a swimming pool.