Housing After Banking

Frederick Biehle participated in a discussion following the presentation of a thesis and project proposal by Eunjeong Seong that proposed converting the single family house into an energy producing solar asset as a way of redirecting the current debt structure that controls the housing market.

Pratt School of Architecture (@prattsoa) on Instagram: "Monday, 04.08 Higgins Hall 111 @ 6 PM . HOUSING AFTER BANKING UA DOMESTIC FRONTIERS 2 TALK SERIES ...."

April 8th, 2019

New York City

Frederick Biehle will be making a presentation, the Re-Invention of Public Housing, to the New York City Housing Authority directors and staff. It will include the work of his last three fall semester studios from Pratt Institute dedicated to the transformation of the superblock housing concept, so universally excepted and implemented in post-war America and now universally acknowledged as an urban failure.

Anna Dwyer and Siman Huang

Anna Dwyer and Siman Huang

Detroit, MI

Frederick Biehle will present his paper, Episodic Urbanisms: Pedagogical Studies and the Lesson of Rome, at the annual national conference of the ACSA during the session In Practice: History as Research. The paper looks at the porosity and interconnectedness of the pedestrian fabric of historical Rome as a principal means of empowering the individual and fulfilling the promise of the urban experience.


Episodic Urbanisms, the publication on the pedagogy and work of the Pratt Institute Rome Program, a program for the past 8 years directed by departmental Chair Erika Hinrichs, and for the previous 20 years coordinated by Frederick Biehle, will be released as a part of the festivities to mark the 40th anniversary of the program at the Palazzo Doria Pamfilj in Rome. Essays by Ryszard Sliwka, Jeffrey Hogrefe, Frederick Biehle and an introduction by Erika Hinrichs.

Rome, Italy

2017 is the 40th year of the Pratt Institute Rome Program, a program that has been directed in its entirety by Richard Piccolo and coordinated for 20 of those years by Frederick Biehle. Pratt Institute will mark the occasion by inviting alumni to Rome to celebrate the significance of this program in the education of its archtiects. The culminating event will be the evening of April 13 at the Palazzo Doria Pamfijl,. The Institute president, Thomas Schutte, as well as he Dean of Architecture, Thomas Hanrahan, will be in attendance.

Brooklyn, NY

Frederick Biehle will be introducing and moderarting a panel at the symposium In Search of African-American Space to be presented at Pratt Institute's School of Architecture, Higgins Hall Auditorium.

The Symposium is being coordinated with the summer studio he is offering called Museum of Conscience: Locating the Underground Railroad.


New York City

Frederick Biehle’s400 level options studio from the Pratt UG Architecture program, called the Reinvention of Public Housing, has work included in an exhibition organized by Mattias Altwicker and Nicolas Bloom of NYIT entitled “Affordable Housing in New York: The People, Places, and Policies That Transformed a City.” Hunter College East Harlem Gallery at Silberman School of Social Work.

The exhibit is coordinated with the release of their book of the same name, and will be at Hunter College’s East Harlem Gallery, in the Silberman School of Social Work on East 119th Street and Third Avenue. 

Michael Rosen and Yuli Huang Project for the Ingersol/Whitman Houses

Michael Rosen and Yuli Huang Project for the Ingersol/Whitman Houses