Founded in1997, Frederick Biehle Erika Hinrich viaARCHITECTURE is an interdisciplinary partnership dedicated to exploring and realizing their particular approach to making.



Erika Hinrichs

Erika Hinrichs’ original training was in ballet and fine art. Having grown up in Chicago, Green Bay, and Minneapolis, she moved to New York city in 1982 to attend Parsons School of Design. Focusing on the discipline of architecture, she moved to the Cooper Union to study under John Hejduk and earn her professional degree. She has practiced in architecture since 1990, working for seven years with Tod Williams and Billie Tsien, Architects. She was responsible for several highly acclaimed projects including the auditorium building for the Neuroscience’s Institute in La Jolla, California which received a national citation from the AIA. She maintains an avid interest in materials- new, natural and recycled, and in the detailing of form at all scales of invention. Her own work has been published widely. She has been an adjunct Professor of Architecture at Pratt Institute since 1999 and since 2010 served as the departmental chair of undergraduate Architecture, the largest private professional degree program in the United States. 

Frederick Biehle

Frederick Biehle brings a complementary role to the studio. He represents the fourth generation of a family dedicated to the fine and decorative arts. He has degrees from the University of Virginia and the Harvard GSD after which he relocated to New York City. In 1986 he was awarded the Prix de Rome Fellowship in Architecture allowing him to live and study in Italy for two years. He has traveled extensively in the Mediterranean region researching the architecture and urbanism of antiquity. His drawings have been exhibited in Europe and the United States and published by Places, Space Magazine, and the Harvard Architectural Review. His architectural works have been published widely. He founded his own firm in 1988 and his partnership with Erika Hinrichs ten years after. He currently serves as an Adjunct Professor of Architecture and as the Director of the Rome Program at Pratt Institute.



Altering the fabric of enclosure by opening- window, door, threshold, aperture can transform the role of a particular space. Multiplicity of openings introduces choice, and with choice of movement comes individual empowerment. Choice engages the inhabitant and therefor contributes to the construction of meaning. We are all the sum total of our choices.


Engaging both the tactile and visual senses, how one material is joined together with another is where form takes on character. Thoughtfulness is expressed in the delineation of material relationships. It is in the craft of making that a distinction is made between inhabiting and dwelling.


“Interior space constitutes the basis of architectural experience” said Le Corbusier in his seminal publication Vers Une Architecture. He was referring not to the design of that which is indoors but to all architecture, from the scale of the room to the urban condition, where a sense of enclosure offers the spatial possibility of “being within”. A conscious awareness of the space of figuration is the foundational motive for our work. 


Private Residential

David and Muriel Albert

  • Townhouse Renovation, NYC

Stephen and Kim Biehle

  • Loft Renovation, NYC

  • House Renovation/Addition, Shelter Island, NY

Linda and Marty Brumbach

  • Apartment Renovation, NYC

Kevin Connors

  • Duplex Apartment, NYC

Vincent Cirrincione

  • Apartment Renovation, NYC

Jeff and Bunny Goldstein

  • Duplex Apartment Renovation, NYC

Michael Gordon and Julie Wolf

  • Loft Renovation, NYC

Joan Craig and Jerry Kalmus

  • Loft Renovation, BKN

Emily Kranis and I. M. Ecks

  • Apartment Combination, BKN

Amany and Felix Fan

  • Penthouse Apartment Renovation, NYC

Lisa and Bruce Files

  • House Renovation, Chicago, IL

Ken Fishel

  • House Addition, Katona, NY

Gavina Gallier

  • Apartment Renovation, NYC

Scott and Tina Hayward

  • Apartment Renovation, NYC

Barbara Kwasnicki

  • Loft Renovation, New York, NY

  • House Renovation, Malibu, California

Ruby Lerner

  • Apartment Renovation, NYC

Dana and David Luttway

  • Townhouse Renovation, NYC

Julie Madnick

  • Triplex Apt Renovation, NYC

Todd and Audrey Mattson

  • Apartment Combination/Renovation, NYC

Lee and Rebecca Miller

  • Loft Renovation, NYC

Julie Morgenstern

  • Apartment Renovation, NYC

Dennis Newman  Beth Terrell

  • Loft Renovation, NYC

Sean and Zach Newman

  • Townhouse Renovation/Addition, NYC

Matthew Newman Kay Sloves

  • Apartment Renovation, NYC

Masako Otaki

  • Waterfront Home, Orlando, FL

John Proto and Karie Pagani

  • House Addition Scarsdale, NY

Deb Parker

  • Apartment Renovation, NYC

Stephanie Petosa

  • Apartment Renovation, NYC

Andy Rayburn Heather Guess

  • Apartment Renovation, NYC

  • House Interior, Temenos, Anguilla

  • House Addition/Renovation, Hunting Valley, OH

Barbara and David Rittberg

  • Apartment Combination/Renovation, NYC

Ruben and Jeannie Santiago

  • Triplex Apt Renovation, NYC

Michael and Geri Schachner

  • Apartment Renovation, NYC

  • House Renovation, Hudson, NY

Jay Shriver

  • Apartment Renovation, NYC

  • House Renovation and Addition, Portland, ME

Helen and Steven Suskin

  • Apartment Renovation, NYC

Arnold and Caryn Toren

  • Apartment Renovation, NYC

Evan Toren

  • Apartment Renovation, NYC

Caroline Williams

  • Apartment Renovation, NYC

Darryl and Nina Yap

  • Apartment Combination/Renovation, NYC

Residential/Commercial Building Conversions

Young Woo and Company

  • 135 West 3rd Street New York, NY - seven story Loft Building Conversion, 16000 SF

  • 138 West 14th Street, New York, NY - seven story Warehouse Conversion, 63000 SF

  • 59 East 77th Street New York, NY - Townhouse Renovation and Addition, 6000 SF

  • Hudson Telecom Center New York, NY - Facade, Entrance and Public Space Renovation

  • Chelsea Arts Tower, New York, NY - Building Entry and Public Space


Heller Realty

  • 151 West 74th Street, New York, NY - Building Entry and Public Space Renovation

  • 105 West 73rd Street New York, NY - Building Entry and Public Space Renovation

  • 949 West End Avenue New York, NY - Building Entry and Public Space Renovation

  • 925 West End Avenue New York, NY- Building Entry and Public Space Renovation

  • 142 East 27th Street New York, NY - Building Entry and Public Space Renovation

Commercial Offices and Lofts

Blackberry Technologies Inc.

  • Midtown Offices, NYC

The B/R/S Group, Inc.

  • Midtown Offices, NYC

Finsoft Consultants, Inc.

  • Midtown Offices, NYC

Kanematsu USA Inc.

  • Midtown Offices, NYC

A. Kozak& Company

  • Midtown Offices, NYC

R.Bird& Company

  • Midtown Offices, NYC

Winpro Systems, Inc.

  • Soho Offices, NYC

Pomegranate Arts

  • Soho Offices, NYC

William Sommerville

  • New Building Proposal, NYC


Bulgari Showrooms

  • New York, Singapore, Hong Kong (consultation for PieroSartogo)



  • Midtown Japanese Restaurant, NYC

Not For Profit


  • Animal Shelter, NYC

Assoc of Independent Film Makers

  • Library and Archive, NYC

P.O.V. / American Documentary

  • Offices/Screening Room, NYC

Harlem Music Lab

  • After School Music Resource Program, NYC

Creative Capital

  • Offices/Screening Room, NYC



  • Private Pilates Gym and Spa, NYC


Cleveland Artists Foundation

  • B&O Station Conversion Proposal, Cleveland, OH

MTA Grand Central Terminal Development

  • Installation, NYC

Metropolitan Library Council

  • Office Renovation, NYC

Plymouth Church

  • Campus Analysis and Master Plan, BKN


American Model

  • Agency Studio, Soho, NYC

Company Model

  • Agency Studio, Tribeca, NYC

ID Model Management

  • Agency Studio, Soho, NYC

Karin Models

  • Agency Studio, Soho, NYC

Lizden Industries

  • Silk Clothing Showroom, NYC

  • Silk Clothing Showrooms and Offices, Soho, NYC

  • Silk Clothing Showrooms and Offices 2, Soho, NYC

Madison Models

  • Agency Studio, Soho, NY

Emporio Giorgio Armani

  • Flagship Store Proposal, NYC

Advertising and Design

Avanti Press

  • Greeting Card Design Studios, NYC

Chillingworth/Radding Inc.

  • Advertising Agency Offices, NYC

Carlisle and Co.

  • Literary Agents Offices, NYC

Kwas Inc.

  • Graphic Design Studios, NYC

Nike Communications Inc.

  • Exhibit Design, Tag Heuer

NY TImes Home Design Magazine

  • Set Design, NYC


  • Art Book Publisher Offices, NYC